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First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! 🎉 Make sure you follow below guidelines before contributing.

What qualifies as a "resource"?

Anything which can be used/referenced to learn something. We only accept following types of resources:
  1. Book
  2. Video
  3. Article
  4. Cheatsheet
  5. Online Course (Free/Paid)
  6. Github Repository
  7. Audio (any podcasts)
  8. Website (Anything dedicated to learning one thing. For ex. qualifies as a "Website" resource for whereas doesn't qualify as a resource for "CSS".

How to add a new resource?

  1. Figure out the correct directory for your resource, E.g. If you are adding a "Python" resource, you will have to edit the index.json file in languages/python directory.
    If no appropriate directory exists for your resource, add it inside .
  2. Go to the bottom of the json file and add a object like this.

        "reviews": []

    Reference the below table for description of each JSON key.

    Key Description
    The title of resource. If you are contributing a book resource you can choose to mention the author
    The permalink to the resource. No links that redirect anywhere.
    What type of resource is this:
    What is the best audience for consuming this resource:
    Add you review of this resource.
    • What did you learn from it?
    • What was special or interesting about it?
    • Why do you recommend this resource?

    This is how a correct object looks like:

            "You should only follow concepts here, not api"
    We highly encourage contributors to add their review to provide a community aspect for the resource. If you have nothing to say about the resource you can omit adding the "reviews" key.
  3. Make you changes to branch & send a PR (See if there is already an open PR with the same contribution).

  4. Feel free to ask doubts, just open an issue.

Contribute to saadhan website

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The website is built using Flask as backend and HTMX with Bulma as frontend.